The Rahmat Hijama/Cupping & Wellness Centre is situated in Lenasia; South of Johannesburg – South Africa. Even though the Centre has only been in existence since 2013, it has gained attention worldwide. We have trained over 75 students worldwide in just 3 years!

Our students go through vigorous training to ensure they are competent, comfortable and confident enough to do Hijama/Cupping. They have sacrificed their time; to attend classes, diagnose and perform practicals on various case studies, complete assignments and written exams.  Through hard work; determination and dedication our practitioners have become competent professionals who always have their clients’ interests at heart. Our practitioners are hygienic, offer various treatment options to suit your pocket and offer excellent aftercare!

Our practitioners are based in: Abu Dhabi, Botswana, Maputo, Mauritius, Nigeria, Qatar, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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